Sponsored by HeritX – Preventing Inherited Cancer

Title: Achieving non-surgical preventions for inherited BRCA cancer – it is time!

Date: Wednesday, May 9th

Time: 11:45 - 13:15 (lunch will be provided)
Location: Centre Mont-Royal (Room TBA at registration)

Lawrence Brody, PhD, Director, Genomics and Society; National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA

Today, preventive surgeries are the principal option to reduce cancer risk for carriers of an inherited BRCA gene mutation, however, these interventions are invasive, life-altering and associated with adverse consequences. Therefore, non-surgical options such as pre-cancer vaccines are urgently needed. Traditionally, cancer prevention has not been a priority for medical research. An expert panel and the participants of this symposium will discuss how to overcome the historical hurdles to cancer prevention, focus on opportunities for achieving non-surgical prevention of BRCA cancer, and review the recent progress of the global HeritX Initiative to prevent inherited BRCA cancers.

About HeritX: The nonprofit research and development organization HeritX was launched in 2015. This initiative is the first comprehensive effort to develop non-surgical preventive therapies for inherited BRCA cancers. HeritX currently collaborates with 15 scientific centers worldwide on research aimed at producing non-surgical BRCA cancer preventions as fast as possible and available to all.

Space is now full. Try onsite to see if there are cancellations.